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The goal of Arts and Science education is to develop critical and open minds, and to provide intellectual and scientific training in the basic areas of knowledge. As part of our commitment to ensure students gain a global perspective, the Faculty is planning to develop international studies and is currently offering language courses across disciplines and encourages and supports study abroad. In this respect the Faculty has two divisions, offering baccalaureate and graduate degrees; the liberal arts division and the natural science division. Within all of these, we have eight departments representing the traditional liberal arts and natural sciences. In the Faculty we aim at preparing the students for a successful career and living an enriched life by providing insight and understanding of the world and people around them. As such the students are expected to gain the intellectual and practical skills that are the mark of a truly educated individual; a comprehensive knowledge base, expertise in their field, and the ability to think critically.

In addition to studying a major in depth, a student can sample subjects in a host of other areas, such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, geography, physics and biology. Therefore our students have a chance to explore a universe of ideas, languages, and academic disciplines. We deliver a vital undergraduate curriculum that emphasizes communication and quantitative skills, competence in more than one language, problem-based learning, and use of technology.

Given Istanbul's location on the crossroads of two continents and the increasing globalization of the world, our faculty deems it important that our students develop an outward perspective in every aspect of their education. We fully expect our students to play a vital role in Turkey's development and proposed entrance and participation into the European Union. Currently, our faculty strives to be active on the EU academic front, participating in various conferences and seeking EU educational and research partners. In this endeavor, we are aided the Fatih University policy of retaining western educated faculty which help create ties to the EU and raise the standard of education at Fatih University to any comparable international university.

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